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I think there will always be certain people in our lives that mean a lot more to us than other people do. I think once you care for someone, if you actually really truly care for them, that never goes away. Even if you haven’t spoken in weeks or months or years you still feel connected to them in some sense. You still think about them every day. Even if half the time you don’t know whether you hate them or love them, even if you can’t decide whether you’d rather have them leave for good or stay by your side. Once they become a part of your life they never actually leave. So why should we ever forget anyone completely? People make us who we are and people teach us how to love and even after they disappear they are still part of us, and we should never throw that away. Loving someone is never easy, it never has been and it never will be. Things fall apart. Sometimes people are careless and impatient, sometimes people make mistakes and sometimes people hurt each other. Things end up falling apart and sometimes they hurt for weeks or months or years at a time, but the thing that most of us forget to remember is that things also often find ways of falling together.

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