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blue-spriing: You are so amazing, what do you do to get inspiration?.. did i already say you are amazing :3 (sorry for my english :/ )

Oh thank you! c: So many nice messages today, aw. I get inspired by things around me, particularly nature. I get really severe art block where I have zero inspiration for weeks or months at a time, when that happens I go searching for new artists to admire and learn from. If you’re feeling uninspired, look around yourself, or within yourself. Ideas will hit you when you least expect it!

Anonymous: wow but you're soo good you really don't need to think that? thank you luv you gave me some motivation i will start to try getting better again c:

Well thank you! And that’s great, best of luck to you! 😊

Anonymous: ah im sick of seing such beautiful blogs like yours and realising that i totally suck at art >.<

Dude that’s exactly how I feel when I look at other artists work. But don’t make yourself feel bad!

Anonymous: this has been killing me, but you've done it so well. How do you neatly paint in an oval shape cleanly? how do you create the oval shape like you've done in some of your amazing work. please? :)

Usually I just draw it with pencil and then fill it in the best I can with paint. If I screw up or the edge isn’t clean enough I’ll go back and put a darker layer around the edge, and keep going until I get it the way I want it (you could also clean up the outer edge with white paint). Or you could always mask the edge before you paint, with masking fluid or tape! That way you’ll get it on the first try, and peeling off the mask when you’re finished is always sooo satisfying c:


I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but it has pushed my creative energy right out the window. I haven’t actually finished anything in about a month (honestly I haven’t even started anything worth finishing) and I just don’t really have the motivation to do anything right now. This happens to me occasionally but this time I just feel completely drained. I want to work but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to actually do so, and it’s just left me feeling useless. I believe it has everything to do with the stress being thrown at me from every direction, so hopefully once I graduate and have some more free time I’ll be able to get my creative flow back in working order.

Sorry for the lack of stuff n things lately, I’ll be back at it soon, hopefully.